Edit Flash Files

Flash Editor is a powerful flash Flash editing software to edit flash files. You can trim Flash, merge Flash, split Flash, replace Flash audio, add metadata and cue point, etc.

Flash Editor can output FLV or MP3 files, it can also generate HTML/ SWF files for uploading to website and blog, with various player skins, special effects, and preloaders selectable. You are even allowed to save project file for future editing. When you want to resume the editing, just import the project file and all the modifications you have done are preserved perfectly.

Flash Editor allows you to import MP3 and FLV files encoded with H.264, H.263, Flash 8, Flash 8 with alpha, Sorenson Spark, Nellymoser, etc. and export FLV, SWF, and HTML without any loss of quality.

Flash Editor supports Windows NT / 2000 / XP / Vista. So it can functions as a perfect Vista flash editor.

Free Flash Editor download is available here, please have a try.

download Size: 11.3MB      buy Price: $59.00

Here Flash means FLV flash files. Flash Editor can be used as FLV editor. If you want SWF Flash, please click here. If you are using Mac OS X, please try here.

free flash editor download

Key Functions of Flash Editor

  • Flexible editing functions, implement great ideas on Flash video
    Trim the Flash video length, cut the Flash video into several clips, rearrange order of the Flash clips, merge different Flash files into one, replace Flash audio, and so on.

  • Support a great variety of input formats
    MP3 and Flash files encoded with H.264, H.263, Flash 8, Flash 8 with alpha, Sorenson Spark, Nellymoser, etc. are all supported.

  • Output FLV or SWF files
    Generate MP3, FLV or HTML / SWF files for you to directly upload them to website and blog. Also functions as FLV to SWF converter, MP3 to FLV converter, and FLV to MP3 extractor.

Flash Editor Features:

  • An editor especially designed for Flash with timeline
    Even the powerful Adobe Premier doesn't support FLV format, this handy software is the perfect solution to edit flash files. Timeline mode is provided for you to edit flash files easily and precisely.

  • Save project for your further editing
    Project saving function helps save the files and settings. You can load the project later and resume the editing just from where you paused.

  • Import as many flash and MP3 files and export flash without any quality loss
    You can add in as many Flash and MP3 files as you like to the Resource List so that you can select and edit at ease. You can even take it as a MP3 to flash lossless converter.

  • Export individualized HTML and SWF files
    This Flash Editor provides 30 attractive player skins, 14 special effects, and 16 preloaders options to the SWF file for you to make personalized videos for your web page or blog.

  • Short-cut keys and right-click menus to provide conveniences
    Windows-like short-cut keys and right-click menu on timeline will help edit Flash and MP3 more easily and precisely.

  • More stunning special effects for advanced users
    If you are familiar with Actionscript and cue point, you can even add cue point with this Flash editor to make more astonishing effects to the FLV file.

Why Need Flash Editor

  • Maybe you want to edit FLV with Adobe Premiere but never find a solution.
    Why not choose this Flash Editor? It is much cheaper, but with useful functions. It helps trim, cut, split, merge FLV, MP3 files and add metadata, cue point. It will perfectly maintain the original quality and output in much shorter time than Adobe Premiere does.

  • Maybe you would like to add video contents to your web site or blog.
    Download FLV videos from online video web sites, then trim the highlights and create your own videos, reprocessing becomes so easy with this Flash Editor.

  • Maybe you gathered hundreds of flash clips and would like to merge them
    With the timeline provided, you can easily trim flash, split flash, cut flash, merge flash to get the get the highlights from videos and join them to make a new video.